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Foreign Models In India

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

International Models In India:

International models have a good market in the advertising field in India. In advertisements like Saree, Jewellery, Shirt shoots require tall, fair and thin body fit models and Indian models with even skin tone, tall and have a fit body are very expensive. Foreign models from Russia are much cheaper than Indian models of comparable body type and very professional.

Mostly Foreign models are coming to India on a three months contract basis and involved in various e-commerce shoots, Catalog shoots, Fashion shows, Automobile launch, Promotions and other daily basis shoots. Good number of foreign models are staying in metro cities Like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and also in Goa. They travel to other cities according to the shoot and requirement.

Aelanz Modelling Agency manages international models Mostly Russian, French and Iranian Models apart from models from other countries as well.

Many foreign models worked for us for Clothing brands, Events, As Welcome girls , Astrology shoots, Health Drink, Saree shoot, Educational shoot, Bitcoin shoot etc.

We provide foreign models for ballet dance and belly dance too apart from few other dance forms. For various shoots in Chennai and Bangalore we provided Foreign models from Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Goa and Pondycherry.

From all our shoots which went very well and very smoothly I remember one shoot where I faced a lot of problems was searching ballet dancers for Sarvanan stores, shoot was in Chennai for its diamond and Gold store. Our agency is known for providing budget models and there are very few models nowadays in India who are trained ballet dancers because demand for belly dancers are very high for events, fashion shows, new year parties and belly dancing is relatively easy to learn . Performing ballet needs a lot of perfection and finding a ballet dancer in budget was a task for us. We got models from various parts of India for that and the final outcome was amazing. I have attached a behind the scene video link here

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International Models

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