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Want to Join Modelling as a career?

Updated: Jul 20, 2020


Most common questions asked about Modelling:

1. Should I have a great height to join modelling?

It is necessary to have a good height for fashion shows, runways. For male models height should be 5.10 and above and female models 5.5 and above.

For Print shoots and ad films there is no such height requirement, it depends upon product, script and many other things like for saree shoot mostly good height models are required but for few product shoot that is not a criteria.

2. I want to make a career in modelling ,what should I do?

You need very good quality pictures (Portfolio) as the first selection is always through photos. When we get any requirement we send pictures and if pictures are not good selection is highly impossible even though you look great in real.

Apart from pictures you should be very good at posing because for print shoots you need to pose. You can practice different poses in front of the mirror.

For ad films your expressions and dialogue delivery should be good which you have to practice and make few audition videos ready to share .

3. How much pay will I get In Modelling?

In modelling like any other field experience counts. Initially you will get a very small amount like 3000 to 5000 Rs for one day shoot. This will increase with experience, looks, elegance to 50000/- Rs per day.

4. How do I get a modelling assignment?

There are so many modelling agencies like ours Aelanz Modelling agency which are providing very good modelling assignments pan India. Registration for modelling is free ,you have to pay some amount from your payment when getting an assignment.

You can share your pictures to as many modelling and casting agencies or with people who are doing coordination for ad film, movies and shoots. The more number of people you approach higher will be chances to get an assignment.

5. What is the age criteria for joining modelling?

There is no age criteria for joining modelling. According to the product and script we need all age group models like infant models, kid models, teen models, young models and senior age group models. You can join modelling in any age group though most of the modelling requirements are from 20 to 30 age group.

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