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Modelling Course Online

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Online Modelling Course:

Who can do this course?

* Any age, gender, experience level, height, body type or body size.



1. Know about yourself in what type of modelling you can fit for?


2. What will be the first step to join Modelling?

3. Where to enrol for modelling? How do I get a Modelling Assignment.

4. Basic things required in Modelling.

5. What should you know before your first job?

Posing, Looks, Dressup

6. How much do I expect from my first few jobs?

7. How to take care of your body

Your body is your commodity, Food & Makeup.

8. Body diversity in Fashion.

Different types of Modelling according to body type, Age, Height, Talent, Size ,exposure etc.

9. Location: A very important factor.

10. Run your career like a business.

Marketing/Digital marketing


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