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We approach event management with a finesse and style that is innovative and different. You will see the difference when you experience our professionalism, attention to detail and the marketing edge we give to your brand. Our approach is backed up by years of experience, our passion and dedication, and our urge to deliver the best solution to our customers.

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About Aelanz 

Aelanz brings with it years of professional experience in the areas of modelling, advertising, celebrity management, casting, adfilm production, print shoots, fashion shows and event management. Aelanz is backed by a very wide network of professionals and management entities to provide the best of services to its clients. With its distinct professionalism and industry, Aelanz is on a mission to change the entire panorama and landscape of modelling, celebrity management and event management to make it more expressive and purposeful. We have ten years of industry experience and have served and won laurels from big names like Mahindra, Mitsubishi, Naturals, Chennai Silks and Ikea, Sarvanan Stores, Jaychandran textiles, Hundai to name a few.


Aelanz is headed by Kavita Parwani, a thorough and dedicated professional whose ambition to succeed and reach and exceed the standards is to be experienced to be believed.

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